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Ltd. "VACUUM-UKRAINE" is a Ukrainian partner developers and manufacturers of vacuum process equipment for various types of industries, such as deposition, etching, deposition of various materials. The main activity of the company since its inception, is the implementation and maintenance of advanced automated vacuum systems on a number of promising Ukrainian enterprises.


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Nowadays, vacuum equipment is actively developing the market as developing new technologies that will significantly affect the quality and performance of the equipment. Enterprise "VACUUM-UKRAINE" responsible for implementing these technologies, supplies equipment that is used in various fields. You can buy special compressors, pumps, fans, and so on. Each customer can choose our vacuum equipment from leading international manufacturers or domestic. By purchasing this equipment, it should be taken into account and the fact that it is necessary to adjust accordingly and perform regular maintenance. These products are divided into categories, so that each buyer could you easily find what interests him. Naturally, this equipment is represented in many different variations, but because everyone has the opportunity to pick up the necessary equipment that suits him not only by price, but also consistent with the stipulated technical specifications, features and performance.

On our site you will find the catalog of the products offered. Use the convenient search form to quickly find the necessary equipment, know availability, prices of items you are interested in our catalog or to place an order, you can contact us.

C using a bulletin board you can quickly buy and sell effectively interest and have you equipment, but on the forum site, our staff is ready to provide professional and expert help to answer your questions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about vacuum equipment, you always can ask them to call the main office of the company + 38-044-360-99-03, fax + 38-044-383-19-94, e-mail: info @ vacuum or use the form of feedback and make a booking .

We represent the following brands


Units vacuum spool AVZ-20D
Агрегат вакуумный золотниковый АВЗ-20Д
The pump vacuum plate-rotrny 2NVR-60D (16D-HBP, HBP-16DM)
Насос вакуумный пластинчато-ротрный 2НВР-60Д (НВР-16Д, НВР-16ДМ)
Vacuum rotary vane pump type AT40 / AT40A
Вакуумный пластинчато-роторный насос тип AT40 / AT40A
Vacuum valve CWR-25
Клапан вакуумный КВР-25
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  • BECKER (Germany) (1)
    • Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps, compressors (1)
  • BIGIESSE (1)
    • Vacuum pumps PBO (1)
  • BUSH (1)
  • CECCATO (1)
    • Compressors, vacuum screw (1)
  • KYKY (3)
    • Turbomoleklyarnye pumps (3)
  • LEYBOLD-HERAEUS (Germany) (1)
    • Rotary vane vacuum pumps TRIVAC C (2)
    • Vacuum booster pumps (two-rotor pumps Roots) (1)
  • ZTP TEPRO SA (Poland) (11)
  • Vakuummash (105)
    • Vacuum fittings (25)
      • Closures type 2ZVE (4)
      • Closures type ZVPlP (3)
      • Valve inlet valve (3)
      • Valves type SCZ (1)
      • Valves type VCR (2)
      • Valves type hovercraft (4)
      • Valves type CWR (3)
      • Valves type ECQ (3)
      • Valves type URS (2)
    • Vacuum metalizatsionnye installation (8)
    • Vacuum the pumping stations (2)
    • Mechanical vacuum pumps and equipment (37)
      • ABB units type (6)
      • AED units type (5)
      • Separators (4)
      • Pumps VVN (10)
      • The pumps of BHK-2 (1)
      • Pumps type HPH (2)
      • The pumps of HBP (9)
    • Jet vacuum pumps and equipment (33)
      • Units type AVDM (5)
      • Traps for dif. pumps (12)
      • Pumps type 2NVBM (4)
      • Pumps type NVDM (5)
      • Pumps type NVDS (1)
      • Pumps type LP (6)
  • Plant BEAM (RUSSIA) (3)
  • Nasosenergomash (1)
  • TOCHMASH (Russia) (1)
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